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"Cafe Gratitude was easily my favorite restaurant in Kansas City because of the focus on affirmations and the  invitation to heart level conversations through the question of the day. I was encouraged by my husband Jordan, his brother Joshua and other several friends employed at the cafe to apply. They all said I would love the community and environment and they were right! While working at the cafe I have learned that it is possible to run a business both professionally and from the heart, that honesty and openness is possible in a work setting, and that conflict and resolution empowering.  I am passionate about women and children's mental and physical safety and well being, living in service to others, showing up in my fullness and allowing others to do the same. My goals for the next 5 years include finishing my degree in Applied Psychology, growing my own business, working with women and children in need, purchasing a house, and starting a family with my love. I am so grateful for my health, the opportunity to work in community with my amazing husband Jordan, my beautiful family on both sides, my incredible friends, my 3 puppies and my drive for authenticity, love and presence."