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"What brought me to the Cafe is the desire to work in an environment that supports emotional wellness. That’s really important to me. I also chose the Cafe because of the core values and the abundant community that comes with it! I’ve really enjoyed building new relationships! I’ve learned my value. I’ve also learned how to be myself with each guest and that has helped me  integrate an old pattern of people pleasing. I’ve learned how to stay present to my breath, grounded, playful and calm regardless of what’s going on around me. I am passionate about empowering others and creating spaces for people to feel heard and seen. I am passionate about deepening my relationships. Currently I am saving up to purchase an RV with my partner so we can go on tour with our Cacao business and his music. We plan to live in it full time for a few years and save up to purchase land to build an Earthship style home. Another goal of mine is to be giving empowerment talks around the world, speak on a TED talk, lead empowerment retreats and have a successful YouTube channel full of empowering content. I am grateful for the ability to choose my vibration in any given moment. I am grateful for my partner, my son, my family, and my tribe. I am grateful for nature and the ocean. "