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a couple of people posing for the camera


Manager, Trainer, Server

"What brought me to the cafe was being vegan and everything about this cafe that makes it different than any other restaurant.  What I've learned while being here is that it's okay to make mistakes, I'm not perfect but still oh so worthy, I can handle anything and everything that comes my way, I am loved regardless of what my inner dialogue says, it's okay to need/ask for help, and that I can manifest goodness for myself and my life. I'm passionate about vegan food, love, music, hula hooping, fire dancing/ fire spinning, lyra aerials, and yoga. My goal for the next 5 years is to make a career out of flow arts and hula hooping! I'm grateful for so much! The little things, the big things, and even the struggles; which help me realize how abundant my life truly is. "